What makes Brain Maze so special?

Brain Maze games are closely connected to History, to settings and characters of the city of Coimbra. You won’t find anything similar anywhere else.

Our games are almost linearly sequenced, so that the whole group feels involved and understands what is happening.

We are located in the heart of Coimbra – downtown! Is there a better place for mystery games than this, a centenary building with many stories just waiting to be unfolded? Walls have eyes and hears… Huuuuu!

Maximum duration of the game:

60 minutes, but another 15 minutes are required for the initial briefing, and to exchange views on the experience and take a group photo at the end.

Number of players:

a group of 2 to 5 players.

Recommended age:

The minimum required age is 15/ 16 years. However, children/youths between 10 and 14 may participate in the game if accompanied by an adult.

Who can play?

Families, friends, co-workers, tourists,. It doesn’t matter if your interests, education or ages are very different – you will discover that difference will prove to be an asset when solving the enigmas. In a team, all complement each other.

Our advice

Pay attention to all details, artefacts and signs. Turn on your visual memory. Some things will be right before your very eyes since the first minutes, but only later will you be able to interpret them.

Do not put aside what is given to you in each conquest! Only this way will you be able to move to the next step.

Think and act as ONE. Take advantage of the diversity of the whole group. Each member has a special skill. And each member has a hidden skill. Therefore, follow your instinct but leave space for the ideas of the other group members.


One access to the room will always be unlocked for safety and evacuation purposes.

All payers will be covered by personal accident insurance.

Game monitoring

During the game, the players will be watched by the Brain Maze team through CCTV (no recording) installed in the rooms. No one will be left behind in the maze of enigmas.

Languages of the game

Games are either in Portuguese or English. Our monitors speak both languages.


In case of delay, and if there is a game scheduled for the next hour, this cannot be placed at any disadvantage and will have to start on time.

You do not need to arrive earlier. However, arriving on time will ensure that you enjoy the whole experience, with no rush.

If something comes up, please contact (+351) 926 763 116.


Something may come up.

Cancellations should be made at least 24 hours prior to the game start time, by the email info@brainmaze.pt.

Cancellations at less than 3 hours prior to the game start time must be made by calling (+351) 926 763 116.